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How does it work?

DeepNude — Download for Free!

If you upload an image of any girl, the algorithm “undresses her”, using as a “raw” photos from its own database, of which there are more than 10 thousand.

At the same time, the neural network tried to observe the proportions of the body and the pose of the “model”.

The Creator of the project burned on several startups and decided to recapture the invested funds with the help of DeepNude.

The software had three versions — free (with white circles and watermarks), for $50 (with FAKE stamp), and for $100 — without watermarks.

Project owners announced the termination of its existence. According to the developers, they overestimated the demand for such a service, and he could not cope with the influx of those wishing to try it.

Another reason was the moral side of the issue — the creators do not want to use their neural network could “undress” any girl (and guy) on the Internet.

But you can download premium version of DeepNude for free here.

Free link: (coming soon….)